Ginger is about living well in a special corner of the world and escaping to think, connect and just be. Our spaces are inspired by iconic women-Beyonce, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Joan Rivers and more-and their paths as style, political and cultural leaders. Ginger has the taste of a personal shopper, the energy of a comic and the wit of a art-school dropout. The result is a boutique hotel in lively conversation with the Vineyard's Gingerbread Quarter.

The Salon

Join the Revel

On summer weekends, guest artists, musicians or brewmasters add inspiration and energy to the lobby in early evenings. Our salon (inspired by the Belle Epoque tradition) is a place for discovery and getting lost in thought, art and flavor. The rotating cast of characters make each week a bottled experience to excite and delight guests: No two salon nights are the same, and all are invited to join.


Love, tolerance and open-mindedness

More than any other summer vacation colony in New England, Oak Bluffs is a cultural melting pot. Hotel Ginger's honors and amps this tradition by inviting, welcoming and celebrating people of every background, gender identity and faith. Inclusion inspires the art on our walls, the guests in our salon and the team behind our property. We're creating a space where love, tolerance and open-mindedness set the tone and the standard. Ours is one human family.


Deliberately Green

Hotels are big offenders when it comes to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The herculean effort to launch Hotel Ginger brought the 140-year-old building into the 21st Century and we invested in conserving water and energy. Sustainable material was selected for floors and recycled plastic is woven into our carpets.
From our as-they-are ultra soft Brooklinen cotton sheets (untreated with bleach and not ironed to death) to the celebration of natural light, design and operations are eco-conscious. The future is green, and we're a small part of it.

The Building

History in Motion

In 1873, the frame went up for a gingerbread hotel at 9 David Healy Way to create The Nashua House Hotel. Since then, the Nashua has served as co-ed boarding house, bed and breakfast, house of ill repute, and Oak Bluffs bolt hole to legions of free-spirited guests. That includes a Kennedy or two, sailors, drifters, hippies, 1960s rock stars and perennial yuppies. If these walls could talk, how they'd dish.

Originally a summer-only structure, a series of committed owners have lovingly cared for the building as it bent to the winds of time. Thank you Caleb Caldwell and Harry Rosenzweig for preserving this landmark for decades. In 2018, new owners Leighton & Cathy Collis took on a multi-million renovation to stabilize the structure and make it accessible. Beefy men, contractor dogs and island artisans muscled through the winter to ready the hotel for the 2019 season.

The Developer

The brainchild of a seasoned hotel consultant, Hotel Ginger was hatched as a creative space for style and imagination and as a testing ground for new hospitality ideas. The veteran of hundreds of film and photo shoots, Leighton Collis merged his decades of creative genius with the unique inclusive character of Oak Bluffs. This first property is a love letter to great design, iconic women from the ad and film world and the Vineyard's most idiosyncratic zip code.